Here is the transcript of an interview with Robert Duvall, at a local radio station in Scotland, on Wednesday 21st July 1999.
Thanks to Ally Gourlay for sending me this transcript.

Ally Gourlay :- "First of all Mr Duvall, the film you're making - "The Cup" - what inspired you to start.......

Robert Duvall:- "Oh I don't wanna talk about "The Cup", I wanna talk about the Rovers, they're great. It was just this idea we had, the writer there (points across), Dennis, and it's a film we're gonna do over here, we'll be here for two months, about Scottish football and it's gonna be interesting.

AG - "And How are you enjoying your time down at Stark's Park (home of Raith Rovers FC).

RD - "I'm enjoying it very much except for the weather but yeah, it's wonderful here.

AG- "Do you take a big interest in football back home ?"

RD- "American football I'm big into but I've always loved what we in America call soccer, you know, following the women winning the World Cup in front of 93000 people was unbelievable and they play well. I'd rather see women play soccer than basketball because they play it really well, so I've always liked European soccer.

AG- "And now you've been down at Raith Rovers with John McVeigh (Rovers manager). Do you enjoy watching the team play ?"

RD - "Oh Johnny ! Yes, I enjoy getting in the dressing room and listening to him getting into it ( giving team talks).

AG: "He's quite a character isn't he ? "

RD "Oh Yeah, he's a real motivator"

AG "Are you going to be around long enough to see them start their league season"

RD "I'm not sure, I think yeah, We have days off on Saturdays and as Rovers play on Saturdays I'll be able to come up and see them, and I'll probably be here this Saturday because they said they're not gonna let me go home because they haven't lost a goal since I've come, so maybe (laughs) I'm a good luck charm"

AG "I know that the clubs supporters, and the local press, are hoping that you'll take more than a passing interest in the club. Is that a possibility ?

RD " Oh I don't know yet. I'm up to here (points to his neck) getting ready for this project but I certainly enjoy being here and I wish the best for John because he's a terrific guy and a talented coach and manager.

AG "You've struck up a good friendship with John McVeigh"

RD "Yeah he's terriffic. He reminds me of a guy who used to be a great wide receiver for The Houston Oilers way back, but John has better character because he's a real family man. But you see he's a real hard man but a good man. I just did a film with Vinnie Jones ( ex Wimbledon and Wales defender, famed for his hard man antics and constant suspensions. More recently star of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells). John said "You Tell Vinny that he better be glad that I retired from playing football before he came along" (laughs loudly) and I did, I told that to Vinnie .

AG " And you've enjoyed the good old Scottish hospitality ?"

RD " Aw you bet !!"

AG "Final question Robert, How do I get a part in the film " (laughing)

RD " You'll have to ask John McVeigh that, he's the casting guy around here (laughing).

AG "Thanks very much Robert, thanks for your time"

RD "Thank you Ally"

Copyright Ally Gourlay 1999