Duvall doing triple duty as director-actor-scriptwriter

Sun Mar 9, 6:41 PM ET

AUSTIN, Texas - Directing a film and starring in it sounds like a lot of work, but Robert Duvall says doing double duty is a pleasure.

Duvall wears both hats, and added another — that of script writer — for "Assassination Tango," in which he plays a hit man who's sent on a job to Argentina and falls in love with a dancer.

"To be in something and direct something, they say it's impossible," the 72-year-old actor told an audience Saturday at the South by Southwest film festival, where his film is making its United States premiere. "After 'The Apostle' I said, 'I want to do it again.'"

Duvall also wrote, directed and starred in that 1997 film, which earned him an Oscar nomination for his role as a Texas preacher.

"Assassination Tango," co-starring Duvall's longtime girlfriend, Luciana Pedraza, and Ruben Blades, opens March 28 in New York and Los Angeles, and in other cities later.


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Robert Duvall tangos in Chicago

By Janet Davies

March 13, 2003 -- Robert Duvall, who is as complicated as the characters he plays, spoke with ABC7's Janet Davies about his upcoming movie "Assassination Tango." Duvall, who attended college in Illinois, showed off his passion for tango-which inspired the movie-at Chicago's Erie Caf?

"I wrote the script about 10 or 11 years ago, something like that. And I put it in a drawer and forgot about it. I was a little tentative about bringing it out. I didn't know, and then the second person we showed it to was Francis Ford Copola and he bit on it because he always liked the tango and everything," said Duvall.

Wednesday night, Duvall demonstrated his skills for Chicago fans at the Erie Cafe. The event was organized for the local tango community by his nephew, who lives in Chicago.

* ABC7 video report (real player)