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Duvall Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

LOS ANGELES - Robert Duvall has one Oscar, four Golden Globes and now ? a slab of sidewalk.

The star of "The Godfather" and "Tender Mercies" received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday. The ceremony took place in front of the Kodak Theatre, home of the Academy Awards.

"It's a privilege for me to work as a professional actor. I am very proud of that, and I still got a lot in me before they start wiping away the drool," the 72-year-old Duvall, who won a best-actor Oscar for 1983's "Tender Mercies," told the crowd.

Actor-screenwriter Billy Bob Thornton called Duvall "one of my heroes and my mentor."

He is "the greatest actor that I have been around and has inspired me in everything I have done," Thornton said.

Thornton and Duvall appeared together in 1996's "Sling Blade."

Duvall co-stars with Michael Caine in the movie "Secondhand Lions," about two curmudgeonly Texas brothers who agree to raise a nephew, played by Haley Joel Osment .

He also recently appeared as a trail boss in "Open Range," as Gen. Robert E. Lee in "Gods and Generals" and as a dancing hit-man in "Assassination Tango," which he also wrote and directed.

Duvall starred in George Lucas ' early film "THX 1138," originated the role of Frank Burns in "M.A.S.H.," played the surf-crazed colonel in "Apocalypse Now" and was an autocratic military pilot in "The Great Santini."

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Robert Duvall honored with Hollywood star

Thu Sep 18, 8:25 PM ET

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Oscar-winning US film star Robert Duvall was awarded a new honor -- his own star of Hollywood's prestigious Walk of Fame.

Veteran actor Duvall, 72, took part in a ceremony at which his bronze-edged star -- the 2,236th to be laid into the pavement of Los Angeles' star-studded Hollywood Boulevard -- was unveiled.

Duvall's pal and fellow actor Billy Bob Thornton was also on hand for the celebration that took place outside the new home of the Oscars the Kodak Theatre complex.

The honour was in recognition of the actor's acclaimed roles in such movies as 1972's "The Godfather" and its sequel "The Godfather, Part II" (1974) and his best actor Oscar-winning role in "Tender Mercies" in 1983.

Duvall won three other Academy Awards nominations: for 1979's "Apocalypse Now," for "The Godfather" and for "The Great Santini" (1979).

His latest movie, "Secondhand Lions," opens in the United States on Friday and will compete with another current Duvall movie, Kevin Costner's western epic "Open Range," for audiences.