Duvall's Girlfriend Critiques His Dancing

Wed Oct 29,11:24 AM ET

THE PLAINS, Va. - Robert Duvall introduced his girlfriend to the tango when they first met ? and now, she's the one critiquing him when they dance.

Duvall told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Luciana Pedraza often complains that he's not leading right or giving her enough freedom when they tango.

"Sometimes she gets on me a little and we have a little friction," he said.

The couple met by chance on a street in her native Argentina seven years and have been together ever since. They even have the same birthday, albeit 41 years apart.

"She thinks it's fate," Duvall said. "I don't think much about fate. I'd have to look up the word in the dictionary to tell you the truth."

Perhaps the reason they met was so Duvall could help poor children where Pedraza lived in Argentina.

The couple have already fixed a school and a hospital there. The children appreciate the school that was built with money raised by the Robert Duvall Children's Foundation, he said.

"I got a wonderful sign upstairs, 'Thank you Robert Duvall'" he said.

The foundation held a fund-raiser Saturday at Duvall's 360-acre farm in The Plains, Va., raising $180,000. Pedraza flew in tango dancers from Argentina for the event, which also featured a private screening of "Assassination Tango." In the movie, Duvall he plays a hit man who's sent on a job to Argentina and falls in love with Pedraza, a dancer.