Tidbits from Emmy 2007

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Heroes star Ali Larter, joined by 24 star Kiefer Sutherland - last year's winner for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, and a nominee this year as well - were then introduced to present the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie. The honor went to Robert Duvall for his performance as Prentice "Print" Ritter in AMC's Broken Trail. The honor marked Duvall's first Emmy among four career nominations.

"I never knew an actor in my lifetime or anybody else's lifetime who didn't to do a Western," said Duvall, who was also part of the iconic Western miniseries Lonesome Dove, for which he earned an Emmy nomination in 1989. He then went on to add, "The Western is here to stay, and I'm very glad I could be part of it."

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5:54 p.m.: "Heroes' " Ali Larter -- in a killer strapless fire-engine red dress -- and "24's" Keifer Sutherland presented lead actor in a miniseries or a movie to Robert Duvall for AMC's "Broken Trail" for his performance as a veteran cowpoke. "We all want to do westerns," the veteran Duvall said, calling the genre a uniquely American art form. "The western is here to stay. I'm very glad I could be a part of it."

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Robert Duvall, who won for best actor in a miniseries for AMC Western Broken Trail, said he didn't mess around when it came to training for the role. "I bought a horse a year in advance. I could have been a cowboy. But I ride mainly in an English saddle."

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"I could have been a cowboy," said Robert Duvall, who was named best actor in a miniseries or movie for "Broken Trail," the winner for best mini, which he also produced. He has been a fan of the Western well before 1952's "High Noon," he noted, naming Gary Cooper and Lloyd Bridges as early heroes. "I could have been a cowboy," he said.

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"I never knew an actor in my lifetime or anybody's lifetime who didn't want to do a Western. We all want to do Westerns and believe me it belongs to us in this country, uniquely to us. ... The Western is here to stay." _ "Broken Trail" actor and Emmy winner Robert Duvall.

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Robert Duvall couldn't remember the first Western he'd seen (he thinks it starred Gary Cooper, which really narrows it down).

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And Robert Duvall, picking up two statuettes for "Broken Trail," was unceremoniously cut off in midsentence solely for the sake of shaving off a few seconds from the telecast.

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The Emmys: What the Hell Was Robert Duvall Talking About?

Among all the rambling, confusing things said by Robert Duvall during his two Emmy acceptance speeches last night, one claim made us sit up and go, "Huh?" Declaring that he knew upon reading the script for his AMC Western Broken Trail that it would be a hit, Duvall said, "Sometimes you can make a very prestigious film, and it'll only be seen by six people and go directly to DVD. But we did over $30 million for this."

Uh, did we miss something? Wasn't this a TV movie? Are there box-office figures for TV movies? Or did Robert Duvall get confused and think he was at the Oscars?

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Emmys Best and Worst
Rachel Weingarten's best dressed Emmy men:
Robert Duvall never tries to look younger than he is. He didn't wear a classic tux, but his pearl grey tie and perfectly cut suit suited both his age and stature in the entertainment industry.